What can it do ?

You’re probably familiar with the famous phrase, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” Uttered by the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the line prompts a face to appear within the reflective surface and speak to her. The iconic scene, with its striking visual, has continually intrigued us; before modern technology, however, it was just a fantasy. But with some ingenuity and coding  has produced a magic mirror. His hi-tech creation displays information like the time, date, weather forecast, and news all on its face—a contemporary riff on the fairy tale.

Some of you may know about new technologies and some others don’t, so I will begin describing in short on what is a Smart Mirror.A Smart Mirror is like any other Mirror but it is manufactured with a lot of Hardware-Technology like temperature sensors, LED for illumination, LCD Display for information, internet connection, touch capabilities, and a brain that is an internet of things Operating System.

The first time you see a Smart Mirror in person you will be amazed on the beautiful technology it is, the mirrors have been with us for almost 200 hundred years and it has been a luxury piece of decoration, now add it all of this hardware technology and you have one of the most beautiful products with high potential but…

What can it do for us?

Imagine waking up, going to your bathroom to get ready to conquer the day and you look into your mirror and you receive all the information you need to start your day, like weather information/forecast, emails, calendar, estimated traffic to your destination and endless possibilities. All of this without moving a finger, that’s the purpose of technology, to make our life easier and focus on what it’s really important.

Besides our homes, Smart Mirrors can be used in various business like clothing shops, beauty shops, barber shops, kiosk mall, and many more. But it isn’t all about the interactive “kiosk” type, it’s more about the Artificial Intelligence it can bring to the world, telling you all the info you need depending on the place you are.

Imagine going to your Beauty Shop to get a haircut, everything is normal, everything looks the same but they have smart mirrors installed instead of normal mirrors, now instead of waiting in your chair or look into old magazines you can browse a book of haircuts in the mirror in front of you, you can watch your favorite videos, read a book, watch movies or Tv series right in the mirror in front of you, all of this sitting in your chair and with a remote control. This is a game changer for most of the industries that have mirrors installed and is a crucial part in their business.

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